About Lowly Caliber

Lowly Caliber is a blog to discuss watches on the lower end of the price scale. I will especially concentrate on the Timex watches I like to collect as well as many other brands. Mostly I want to write about watches I have acquired for under $500 – most under $200, and many under $50!

Lowly Caliber will give stories and impressions about preowned finds, estate sale finds, hand-me-downs, grey market and sale finds that fall into the various types of watches I collect, old and new. Hopefully I can relate the joy I get from those ever-rotating things on my wrist.

While I love reading about all kinds of watches and regularly read many different watch-related blogs and websites, most of the sites offer news, specs and reviews of the latest releases from luxury brands I will most likely never own or collect. I can appreciate the materials and processes, the workmanship and quality, the design and beauty of these products; that is not my world. I’ll leave releases on the latest and greatest to other sites.

Watch-related sites also can become very technical with an emphasis on specifications to the point that we start chasing specs and forgetting why we actually liked about a watch to begin with. I am no expert on the inner workings of mechanical or quartz movements. I won’t be spending many words on the technical details as much as on the visual design, aesthetics, form and function and the feelings the watches evoke.

Bob Reiner

13 March 2023